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About Us

Hague Bar is a happy primary school which is welcoming to families of all backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. Our staff have a broad range of skills which enables them to provide a creative, engaging and diverse curriculum, allowing children to enjoy their learning. We provide a range of extra-curricular actives and outdoor learning, including Forest School, to encourage our children to try new experiences and develop life skills for the future.  

Our mixed-age classes mean that the older children develop leadership and mentoring skills, whilst the younger children have access to important peer role models; this also encourages a spirit of cooperation enabling them to challenge themselves to make progress towards achieving their individual learning goals.  

We are an inclusive school, who nurture all our children to achieve their potential. As a small school, we know our families well and they are all part of our school family. Children and parents are listened to and are always well informed.  

The children at Hague Bar enjoy coming to school and are happy to learn. They grow into confident individuals who demonstrate respect and kindness to others, leaving our school prepared for lifelong learning. 

Hague Bar Primary School

Lower Hague, New Mills, High Peak, SK22 3AP