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This has many meanings: looking after your children at playtime; keeping your children safe online; ensuring our building is in good order; risk-assessing off-site activities; or taking action to prevent a threat. Every single member of Hague Bar Primary School staff has been trained to deal with these and other circumstances.  Our robust Governing Body ensure upkeep of current policies and that they are actioned day to day. The School Designated Safeguarding Lead is Mrs Karen McCurdy, her deputy is Miss AMy Flynn. The Trust's Safeguarding Co-ordinator is Catherine Holyland They are always available to hear any concerns regarding a child's physical, mental or social well-being. 

If you suspect abuse please use this direct link

Our dedicated Safeguarding email address



Designated Safeguarding Officer 

Mrs. Karen McCurdy, Head of School 

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer 

Miss Amy Flynn  

TTLP Safeguarding Officer 

Mrs. Catherine Holyland, Trust Safeguard Lead 

Safeguarding Governor 

Ms Maria Drumer

Hague Bar Primary School

Lower Hague, New Mills, High Peak, SK22 3AP